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Things have been a little busy and I should have posted long ago. We've been running smoothly on the new server for a while now. A big Thank You to James for his excellent work.

Mr. Lauer, you're welcome to give it another go.

Barb Di Renzo


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Hi Guys

Just a quick note to let you know that we're in the process of switching over to a new server. Working out the bugs right now, hope to be back up and running soon. Thanks for patience!

John and Barb

Media Bartering Requests for U-Exchange

Canada AM was our first live TV interview. The week before we were approached by Fox business news to do a live feed from the Skydome. It was one of those "look into the camera and talk" kind of things. The comfort level was very, very low. I don't mind radio interviews and taped radio interviews are even better.;) So CBC won with the radio interview request on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. over Fox. A lesser of two evils sort of speak.

Canada AM was cool. We got up at 2:30 a.m. just to make sure my hair looked good. (For people that don't know what I look like, I take a number 1 on the buzz clippers.) Then we headed down to the "big smoke"(Toronto). Due to my "we'll never be late" we arrived an hour early.
We buzz into security."John Moore and Barb Di Renzo from U-Exchange" (Imagine an authoritive voice here). Barb and I chill in the lobby and then proceed to the green room with the rest of the morning guests. Talk about snorefest...none of the guests are talking to each other. We're guessing they're getting their "game face on". I wasn't talking much either, I was nervous as shit, these other people were veterans. So one by one they piled out of the green room. (It was like a firing squad.) Next it was Barb and I. "On in 5 minutes, 7:40 a.m." (Gulp).
When we walked on to the set, Beverley was interviewing Cal Shumiatcher, the producer of Combat School. I'm doing the "I'm not nervous" speaking loudly kinda thing as Seamus introduced himself to us, Cal is on live 10 feet way! I felt like a tool.
We did our thing talking about bartering without using cash, then it was over. Our first live interview was done. I compared it to having sex for the first time. Something happened...I'm not sure what, it was all blurry and my palms were sweaty. It was a lot of fun though. Barb and I lost our "TV virginity" on Canada AM.
Oh, and I almost forgot, Cal tried to steal my jacket! Ok, well maybe he didn't actually steal it, our jackets may have looked the same...whatever. And Oprah and Reader's Digest...Please contact John and Barb at if you would like to talk.
John C. Moore

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